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We are proud to provide our clients with the highest quality asset appraisal report helping property owners stay ahead of changes in the market. We are accomplished in appraising investment-grade real estate, understanding, analyzing, and valuing the most basic to the most complex properties and portfolios. Our analysis draws from the latest market data, current market conditions & trends and real time investment insights providing real estate investors with credible data with the goal to determine the best strategy. The ultimate goal is to help clients maximize their asset’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses whether it is to refinance, reposition, sell or hold onto the asset. 

North Fork Commercial can perform due diligence, analysis, and valuation work on all property types on The North Fork, Hamptons, Riverhead and surrounding hamlets. These property types include, but are not limited to: Office, Industrial, Retail, Multi-Family,  Lodging/ Hospitality, Net Lease Properties, Special Purpose Buildings, and Vacant lands.

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