North Fork Commercial delivers quantitative and qualitative insight on the fundamentals of the Commercial real estate entities, assets and portfolios including overall market demand and dynamics that affect the value of any commercial real estate property. We perform valuation services for our client’s portfolio of Commercial Real Estate investments on all property types (i.e. office, retail, multifamily, hotels, land, condominiums, development assets, etc.).

As a team of trained and qualified skilled Real Estate professionals, we provide services needed to enhance visibility across your portfolio for improving property assessments. We develop and maintain accurate valuation of your real estate portfolio by working with you to establish real estate values for financial reporting, taxation, financing, transactions, litigation and internal management purposes.

We specialize in helping with debt valuations, acquisition and loan underwriting due diligence, third-party and internal valuation reviews, market research and analysis, cash flow modeling, visibility evaluation for your real estate valuation investment portfolio.

We understand that visibility into current property value is crucial for maintaining an accurate assessment of your portfolio value and risk management. Therefore, we compare investment and growth rates, cash flows and other criteria when benchmarking your portfolio.

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