Owner occupied commercial financing is optimal for purchasing the ideal location for your business, modifying a location to match your building needs or improving a commercial property you already own or looking to buy. There are many financial upsides to owning versus renting, as an owner you will build equity with every mortgage payment while your asset appreciation increases in value on the property over time. Owner-occupied financing is highly desirable due to their low risk factor as your lender knows that you are committed to the property as the landlord and majority occupant.
North Fork Commercial’s specialist has the expertise to aid you through the process of constructing a financing loan that meets your needs when it comes to purchasing, building and/or refinancing commercial, owner-occupied properties. Benefits of Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate
  • Tax Advantages – Commercial owners have the benefit of depreciating the asset, deduct the interest rate on a commercial real estate loan and write off building related expenses. 
  • Appreciation – The value of the commercial property may appreciate over time, allowing you to build equity on your asset which can be leveraged later on.
  • Income Stream – Consider renting a portion of your building out to another business to help pay down your mortgage and offset the cost of your commercial investing.
  • Lower Financing Rates – Due to lower rates commercial purchases are more attractive than leasing. This is a big factor that mortgage interest rates are a large part of overall costs. A strong financial record and supporting business plan are among the few things needed when building a case for owner occupied commercial real estate.
Interested in learning more about financing owner-occupied commercial real estate and what advantages your business can gain? Contact North Fork Commercial today for more information.  


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