Considering a triple net investment property is one of the smartest investments one can make, these investments are highly attractive for a great number of reasons. NNN leases provide a steady and secure source of income for investors as the tenants are often large retail franchises which can guarantee stability and a strong financial history while committing to longer term leases

NNN leases are also attractive as the operating expenses, real estate taxes and insurance costs are transferred onto the tenant, alleviating the owner of managerial obligations. Investors using the 1031 & 1033 tax deferred exchange code avoid taxes when deciding to sell the asset, allowing investors to accumulate wealth without having to pay taxes by investing into another property.

If you are interested in a passive and consistent monthly income with no landlord expenses, an asset that offers more buying power, and a higher cash-on-cash return, engage with a Net Lease Advisor at North Fork Commercial. We walk you through the entire process, starting from the property search to financing and closing. Our buyer’s advisors have decades of experience helping clients navigate the net-lease market and find properties that meet their financial and lifestyle goals.  Contact us today for a free consultation and see how NNN investing fits your objectives.


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