Looking to buy sub-performing & distressed loans or notes? Non-performing loans serve as a vehicle to invest in Commercial Real Estate. Banks and lending agencies prefer to sell these non-performing Commercial Real Estate loans rather than proceeding with a foreclosure process. Lenders can avoid additional costs and recover a portion of their investment while motivated investors can purchase these loans often at a discounted rate which can lead to an income producing investment.

North Fork Commercial has a team of dedicated advisors who source, structure, and close Commercial Real Estate and non-performing loan investments. Our work representing borrowers and lenders positions our team at the cutting edge of market trends and allows us to efficiently and effectively facilitate the financing transaction of sub-performing & distressed loans. If you are thinking about investing in a non-performing loan but want more information about how to find and purchase it, then you’re at the right place. North Fork Commercial can locate the note sale that best fits your investment needs. Our extensive network of investors allows lenders to successfully liquidate their distressed loan. Contact us today to learn more!