distressed borrower representation

Representing borrowers in all facets of credit facilities, we excel in formulating creative strategies to structure cost-effective legal solutions for our clients that help resolve distressed commercial  property issues, irrespective of nature ( ordinary or extraordinary) of the situation faced by our client. 

Our innovative solutions are designed to resolve the most complicated transactional, ownership and financial issues in the commercial, distressed real estate. Our team is well-versed and experienced with complex financial instruments and transactions, collateralized debt obligations, financial guarantees and mortgage insurance, and mortgage-backed loans.  At North Fork Commercial, we have dealt with substantial properties in workout, foreclosure and bankruptcy situations. We are familiar with the unique concerns of large financial institutions, developers and government agencies allowing us to well represent distressed borrowers in a timely fashion while remaining sensitive to transactional costs. Our approach allows us to take a direct and comprehensive approach in exploring a broad range of options for reducing the borrower’s costs during imposed times. As distressed borrower advisors our clients depend on our industry knowledge to guide them through every aspect of distressed scenarios, ranging from restructures, workouts, litigation, modification of agreements, and foreclosures. Contact us today to learn how North Fork Commercial can assist you.